Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is a partnership between you and us in which you get the freshest, best tasting, farm fresh produce. By investing and subscribing to our CSA you get fresh vegetables delivered to you. In addition, you are

  • keeping your food dollars local.

  • helping local farmers. 

  • helping the environment. 

  • eating better-tasting food. 

  • eating healthier food.

  • improving biodiversity. 

  • improving the future of food. 

  • improving lives of you, your family, and your farmer. 


Our CSA program is designed to promote a diverse, healthy diet based on seasonal eating. Each week during the growing season, our CSA members receive a box of fresh produce from our farm. We deliver shares to many workplaces throughout central Arkansas. Members also get recipes, farm news & access to members-only events. Our CSA season lasts approximately 24 weeks (June-October) depending on the weather. 


Our CSA is unique as we are the only Amish farmed CSA in the state of Arkansas. We are the only workplace CSA in Arkansas. Lastly, we operate our CSA using a "share the bounty" philosophy.  Many CSAs require customers to pay in advance and share in the production risk. We ask our friends to pay when we deliver and we assume all the risk while sharing the bounty. 


Growing Wellness in the Workplace CSA 

By partnering with Ozark Family Farm you can create a workplace CSA program. This is a low-cost, concrete means of contributing to your organization's wellness and sustainability goals. This is a free, to you, benefit that shows employees, team members, or associates you care. This is easy to start, maintain, and promote as an employee benefit. 

A workplace CSA delivery offers employees the following benefits: 


  • Community– Swap veggies and recipes, share stories, have workplace cook-offs and make great food a workplace experience.

  • Convenience –  Leave work with farm fresh produce and save your weekend for other activities.

  • Connection–  Sharing food with colleagues helps to build community at work while connecting with people who raise your food.

  • Cost - We offer a reasonably-priced source of diverse, fresh, high-quality, great tasting, and Amish raised produce for about the same price as many grocery stores while providing a new and unique employee benefit for your workplace. 



2018 CSA Options 

Growing Wellness in the Workplace - For this CSA we have three options an individual option, couple, and family option.  Space is limited and this year only have 9 remaining spaces open for our workplace CSA.  To qualify for our Growing Wellness in the Workplace program we only require $150.00 in sales. 

  • Individual option - This is enough fresh produce for an individual. Depending on the produce this will be approximately a quarter of large grocery store paper bag.  For 2018 we are offering this for only $25.00 

  • Couple option -This is enough fresh produce for a couple or roommates. This should provide enough farm fresh produce to feed two or three people for a week. Depending on the produce this will be approximately one half of large grocery store paper bag. For 2018 we are offering this for only $40.00 

  • Family option - This is enough fresh produce for a family of three to five people. Depending on the produce this will be approximately one large grocery store paper bag. For 2018 we are offering this for only $50.00 


Home delivery CSA is limited this year and we only 16 spaces left open this year in Central Arkansas. The home delivery CSA is approximately one bushel of produce delivered to your doorstep.  We will set up a standard delivery day for your produce. If you trust your neighbors we can leave your produce at your door. If you trust us we will put your produce inside your house according to your directions.  

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