Great Beef Delivered to Your Door 

If you are within 30 miles of our farm we offer free delivery on orders of $50.00 or more

1. Download our current price list. Or choose from one money saving packs

2. Pick your selection(s) or choose from one money saving packs. 

3. Email your selection to 

4. We set up a time and place for delivery 

4. We will pick up payment when we deliver your product 


If you are in Central Arkansas we make deliveries every 4 to 6 weeks. We typically drive to Central Arkansas when we have seven or more deliveries. The process is the same. If you have a large order of $300.00 or more we can bring it to you. If you have a smaller and can't wait we can ship it to you.  Just visit our online store. 

Money Saving Beef Packs

Raising high quality products

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