Our Story

We are Jason, Sarah, and Calvin McClure. After 12 years in the Central Arkansas area, we decided to take our family in a new direction.  We are now the proud owners of 100 acres of beautiful land in Salem, AR.  Jason is a entrepreneur, and farm visionary; Sarah is a librarian, picture taker, baker, and coordinator of details.  Calvin is a mechanical engineer in training, and animal care taker.

Jason's appreciation and love for cattle farming came from growing up on his grandparent's 60 acre farm in Pine Snag, AR.  The desire to return to this way of life began to stir after owning his own restaurant and working in corporate America.  


 Even living in subdivisions, a garden was a big part of our summer.  Our garden in Park Hill (North Little Rock, AR) was up against a very busy street.  People stopped us all the time on walks or in their cars to comment on our garden. One summer, we got a letter addressed to "the Gardener," and it expressed how much joy it gave this person who saw our garden daily on her commute.


The seeds for Ozark Family Farm were planted when Jason did a project in graduate school that examined the local beef market.  Demand seemed high yet people were unsure of where, how, and from whom to get the higher quality beef.  It took several years for the ideas to germinate and for our lives to reach a place where we could take a new direction, but in 2014 we reached it. Now, we are able to share our beef products with our friends and family.

Heart of the Ozarks

We are located on the Salem plateau in the Ozark Mountains. In a typical year we get over 300 days of grazing.  This with locally sourced hay provides our animals a vegetarian diet year round. 

Wagyu and Heritage Beef 

 Wagyu cattle are known for their marbling and are considered a national treasure by Japan. We focus on the Tajima line which is what produces Kobe beef in Japan

We believe in preserving and protecting traditional cattle breeds. Heritage cattle take longer to raise and as a result many farmers and feedlots avoid them. We realize that you cannot rush quality so we embrace heritage cattle. We also believe that heritage cattle not only look better on the farm, but taste better on the plate.

Our farm is located in the heart of the Ozarks on the Salem Plateau. We farm using sustainability practices. All of our animals are pastured raised, and our livestock eat a vegetarian diet which includes sweet grasses and native forage, food from the garden, locally sourced hay, and plant based feed as needed.  Our animals only drink spring or well water. In addition, we do not use growth hormones in our animals.

The Farm

Traditional farm,
Modern twist

We believe animals deserve respect. Many of our practices date back to the 1800's.  However, unlike traditional farmers who sell to feedlots we sell directly to our friends.

Raising high quality products

Our animals eat only grass, Ozark forage, and occasional plant based substitutes.

Our animals drink only well or spring water.

Our focus is nurturing our land, water, and air. 

Our promise is to be a good steward of our natural resources.

© Ozark Family Farm llc 2014

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